See the list of our packages and services catered for your preference.


Consultation & Preventive Care

Keep your family’s health in check with regular consultations and preventive screenings.

Executive Check-up

Discover unrecognized health risks and ailments and prevent them from occurring or worsening with our comprehensive executive check-up.

Pre-Employment Examination

Secure medical clearance for new job applications.

Family Care / Specialty Care

Consultations and screenings for the family

Ultrasound & Maternal Care

Proper care and regular monitoring of every Family's Mother & Baby.

Annual Physical Examination

A physical examination is a procedure performed by the Primary Care Physician to check the health history and overall wellness of an individual

Diagnostics & Laboratory Services

These services are integral informations to help provide diagnosis and determine the proper care for specific condition/s

Digital Radiography

Quick production of images needed to diagnose medical issues such as bone fractures, lung diseases, heart enlargement, tumors, and the likes.

CT Scan

Vivid detection of abnormalities from head to toe.


Visualization of structures such as internal organs and soft tissues.


Properly diagnose and treat various conditions of your cardiovascular system with a range of general cardiology services.

Electrocardiography (ECG) - Electrical activity of the heart.

Treadmill Stress Test - Shows heart's response to physical activities and stress.

2-D Echo Test

Assessment of blood flow through the heart, as well as cardiac function.


For a healthy and confident smile.


Preservation of vision.


Package A: The Basic Package

The Basic Package includes a thorough consultation with our medical professionals

Basic 5 Package

Package B: Basic Drug Testing and Hepa B

Aside from a consultation and check-up, this package includes a Basic Drug Testing and Hepa B Testing

Basic 5 + Drug Testing (Walk in or Cash)

Basic 5 + DT + Hepa B (Walk-in orCash)

Package C: Basic + ECG

Along with a thorough consultation and check-up, this package includes an ECG scan to help in consulting heart ailments.

Basic 5 + ECG (Walk in or Cash)